About us

Enterprise "Center of Business Security" in the market of security services since 2005. Security Business Center specializes in providing a full range of services for protection of various difficulty, working across the spectrum of problems related to the security business and osobystosti.Nashi main areas:
Making complex decisions to ensure the safety of complexity;
Design, installation and service of security and fire protection, video surveillance and access control, video and audio intercoms;
Electric, telephone and computer networks;
Approval of project documentation with official institutions;
Physical security of stationary enterprises;
Trade equipment security systems;
Information security and the security of the Internet;
Filling and sealing systems. Metal.
Our company works with DTGO "Lviv Railway" in 2007. In order DTGO "Lviv railway" We have created the following objects:
A video surveillance L'station and depot "Lviv";
CCTV and station Uzhhorod;
Fire alarm:
adminzdanie Uzhgorod railway department;
facilities management and DHTO "Lviv Railway";
Station Lavochne;
Volovets station;
Chop the depot;
Our company is actively involved in the protection of cultural events before the 750th anniversary of the city, public opera house, where the main events were held by the President of Ukraine and light shou.Kompaniya rapidly developing advanced applications and provides the latest technology improves flow diagrams, used, establishes and maintains successful partnerships in Ukraine, CIS countries and Western Yevropy.V we have the experience and qualifications, dynamics and strategic thinking, we are open to new ideas and open to співробітництва.Європейський level of service - the basis of the strategic development of the company.